Halfway between an alchemical laboratory and a technological atelier HORO is the result of the innovative approach of Stefano Maccagnani, an experimenter and innovator in the technological, biomedical and information technology sectors.

The ambitious goal of HORO is to transform and innovate the fashion world through new approaches used to create unique and futuristic items deriving from a compositional alchemy based on a fusion of materials. Gold and platinum but also silver and Plexiglas are melded with cotton, organza, leather and chiffon, creating endless possibilities of colors, prints and styles.

With HORO, a new and sustainable way of creating clothes is born, combining comfort and creativity through a conceptual approach that defies what had been impossible or simply utopian until now. Ultrasonic seams place functionality at the center of the creative process that once again celebrates progress, research and the future as a unique response to the spirit of the times.

The clothes not only clothe the body but become a second skin and protective structure. The imagery tied to science fiction, the future and its endless possibilities create a new fashion language that is expressed in an original cosmology reinterpreted by the brand with a pioneering new approach bursting with creativity.

In these avant-garde creations, artisan workmanship and savoir-faire strictly made in Italy coexist with nanotechnology engineering. This golden revolution breaks down the most precious material of our planet into molecules, making it alive and vibrant or simply transforming it into a unique element through unusual combinations, experimentation and stylistic fusions.

These are not just fashion collections, but genuine emotional experiences where new luxury arises from eclectic and unorthodox impulses, giving shape to clothes that become extraordinary objects never seen before and dialogue with the zeitgeist and spirit of today’s society through customization and experimentation, research and fashion, innovation and excellence.

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